(Selflessness) U. S. Teacher Donates Kidney To Save Pupil’ s Life

The action of a pre -school teacher in the United States has called for an international significance , after she saved a five-year old pupil ’s life by providing the child with one of her kidneys .

The teacher , Beth Battista said that she had no hesitation in offering her kidney after hearing of Lyla ’s protracted search to find a suitable donor. “I knew I just had to get tested rather than watch her suffer, ” she said.
Both Beth and Lyla are now recovering after the successful transplant operation last Wednesday .

The teacher and mother-of- two said that she heard about Lyla ’s condition after her mother Dena Carreyn shared a Facebook post about the girl ’s desperate need for a living kidney donor.

Lyla was diagnosed a year ago with microscopic polyangiitis ( MPA) , a rare autoimmune disorder which requires 12 hours of dialysis a day.
Beth contacted the the UW Health Transplant Program in Wisconsin and, after two tests in July and August, was deemed to be a suitable donor for Lyla.

It was a rare match because she needed to be the right blood group with few antibodies picked up from previous bouts of sickness . She also needed to have matching antigens .
In September she discovered that the child was to be a pupil in her class at the Kids’ Express Learning Centre in Madison .
The operation itself required surgeons to make four small incisions in her stomach in order to pull the kidney out , before taking it to Lyla, who was in a nearby hospital ward .
“It was the same level of a pain as having a caesarean ,” the teacher told the BBC, “but I’ m pleased to say that as soon as the kidney was put inside Lyla it began working immediately .”