Nicki minaj's reply to Remy Ma for dissing her

Nicki Minaj won’t be replying Remy Ma ’s recent attack on her .
Last weekend, Remy Ma had released a track ‘Shether ’ in which she dissed Nicki Minaj. See statement by Nicki Minaj’s team , ” We are not giving that broke b *tch any light. Her career was Shettered when she
went to jail . She came out with that old 1995 flow, and the song was whack .
” There weren ’t any real bars in it, she was just spitting some old MediaTakeOut gossip to a Nas beat. In a week no one is gonna be talking about that song , cause it ’s whack . People are just talking about it cause of the gossip in it which is all LIES by the way. Once people get over the gossip , no one is going to be bumping it .
” Nicki could destroy her , but why . It would only make that dumb b * tch more relevant . We ’d rather watch her starve . That b * tch is gonna be on EBT soon .
We ’re going to continue to make hit songs, and hit movies.