Nnamdi Kanu: What next for Ndi igbo?

Nnamdi has been released after meeting some of the most stringent bail conditions ever devised. Ever since, he has gone on an extended thank you visit to all those who made it
possible for his release. But the question on my mind now is what next? Has he abandoned the cause? Is he reveling in his celebrity and forgetting his mission of carving out a Biafra from our country? Have all the issues suddenly disappeared or am I being too hasty, not waiting to really see what next he would be coming up with?
You see, if you asked me, the moment he accepted to meet those draconian bail conditions leaving behind his two partners, I suspected that the dream was over, the mission has been unaccomplished and the struggle must be abandoned. I guess the commitment was not strong enough but do you blame him?I guess not.
The vision was not properly situated within the context of a federating unit that had gone through a civil war, a social rehabilitation not aided by a true political integration but a seeming unexplainable desire to remain united despite the continuous acrimonious relationships between the federating units. This particular freedom fighter did not do his research properly. He did not contend with the binding bond of avarice and selfish greed that continue to bind our leaders. A bond far stronger than the need to preserve a distinct and separate ethnic identity which would not guarantee continuous access to the huge resources that come with a united Nigeria.
Failing to understand this, Kanu was only able to mobilize those who had lost out in the grand scheme of things, the voiceless and those who have nothing but the dark skins on their back. These cannot be relied on, because what drives them is the unassailable need to feed their families irrespective of where the food was coming from. Kanu did not read the situation very well or if he did, did not devise a strategy to marshall an all inclusive call for separation.
He did not contend with the leadership of his people. Both political and natural. The elites who control resources, access and thought all were not with him. They did not understand his mission and as such could not give him the necessary backing required. Also they could not even see a post Nigeria structure working and their place in it, so they just mostly ignored him and rallied around to ‘beg’ the Federal Government to release their errant boy to them. Did you see the way Senators and former Ministers rallied round to get their boy the day he was released?
So are the issues that led to this stunted movement still with us? Yes, more than ever before. The infrastructural decay, the underdevelopment in the South East and the continuous ‘cheating’ of the Igbo man continues unabated with the active support of the Igbo elites. Just see recently the recruitment into the secret service, I almost wept when I saw the number allocated to all the states of the South East. It is like the Igbo man is like an orphaned child in a home with a new mum who just gave birth.

So what can be done? It is very simple. The Igbo man must harness Nnamdi’s strength, his candor, his fearlessness, his courage and his deep vision for the emancipation of not only the Igbo man but all those suffering under the jackboot of democratic tyranny to unleash him on the system using democratic structures in achieving his aim.
I think Nnamdi should now morph into a rights crusader and use his oratorial skills to build a true momentum of change, seek to achieve a ‘Rosa Park moment,’ a movement which changed the cause of American history in a non-violent way. Or better still, he should seek for elective office, either as governor of a state and use that platform to build the’biafra’of his dream, a state where the Igbo man is respected, given his due, exposed to socio economic development and given an opportunity to fulfil his dreams and aspiration. This Igbo enclave would now serve as a beacon inspiring the rest of the nation and bringing up young Turks like himself who will now democratically seize power from the aged gerontocracy that is ruling us.
Better still, since I doubt his administrative skill with his inability to build a sound structure he should head towards the Senate where his strong oratorical skill and deep incisiveness would put him in good stead to continue to highlight his worries of one Nigeria and, if he still believes in succession, he can achieve it through democratic means using structures that are enshrined in the constitution. See how Britain left Europe, they did not have to blow bridges.
I think Kanu still has a lot to deliver in a democratic Nigeria and he must as a matter of urgency begin to work toward getting himself assimilated into the system with a view to use it to achieve his plans with the support of the people who would have been convinced through the democratically sanctioned practices of debate and majority consensus.