(Everyone read this) What ladies don't know about the way they dress

"Whatever is not scarce does not attract value". Once you've exposed your cleavages, thighs, laps by wearing crop-tops, mini-skirts, guys would be like "what is there to see again”?
Ladies, if you think exposing your body cheaply, donning spaghetti tops, putting on transparent dresses, wearing tight-fitting jeans and dressing provocatively in the "lady gaga" style would earn you rave reviews from the sex-seeking guys and also make you top the chart of the "sexiest girls” Sure, it would.
But think about this deeply with whom do you see yourself with in the future?
Most of us when doing things and taking decisions don't think about the dire consequences and "side effects" it would later have on us in the latter part of our lives.
As it is often said, "you would be addressed the way you are dressed".
Indecent dressing in female was once widely believed to be prevalent among the youths.
Today the story has changed because we have seen indecent dressing in females across all ages, even children. This is largely due to cultural interaction and a bid to  modern and up to date.

Even, it is glaring to the blind and resounding to the deaf that morality has been stripped naked. It is no longer news that decency has descended long ago into the abyss of shamelessness. Let us not waste time singing a dirge to the demise of sanity.
It seems many of us have thrown caution to winds and have allowed ourselves to float aimlessly on the sea of indifference.
In as much as indecent dressing is found in both male and female, the ever increasing rate in females is alarming and depressing.
Indecent dressing can be seen as the wearing of cloths that are not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation, it is the deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. It is a social evil because it does not conform to the norms and values of our society.
Indecent dressing started like a spark of lightning but has turned into a wildfire consuming everything on its way. It seems to be going out of hand day in day out. There have been cases of indecent dressing in public places such as parties, recreational centres, offices and even the places of worship where we expect to see sanity are not left out.
The exponential growth of this bad culture of dressing seems to be taking roots undisturbed. Many of us have grown indifferent by tolerating what should the intolerable. Well, it is as if those who should be custodians of ethics are now themselves culprit.
A weed left to grow unhindered will deprive the good seed enough nutrients, unless we all unanimously cut off the roots of this cancerous weed, it will eventually affect all and sundry.

Ladies, I have a poser for you ; Are you always accorded the much needed respect when you dress wildly?
Or rather you're always been speculated about been a "runs girl".
It is not hard hearing words like "that bimpe girl na olosho". Whatever the choices we make, let's remember this;
"Whatever is not scarce does not attract value". Once you've exposed your cleavages, thighs, laps by wearing crop-tops, mini-skirts etc...
Guys would be like "what is there to see again”?