Davido's net worth and lifestyle

Do you know O.B.O., Omo Baba Olowo or Davido? Actually, these are scene names of the same person, whose true name is David Adedeji Adeleke. Davido is one of the most prominent stars and the biggest boys in Nigerian music industry. Only the lazy does not discuss personal lives, net worth, mansions, and autos of the celebs. We will not be an exception.
Well, lets go for a deep in Davido’s luxurious life.
Davido is one of the most famous musicians, many-sided person, and an outstanding producer. He sang a duet with many well-known stars, such as Runtown, Sarkodie, Ice Prince and others. His track “Back When” brought him popularity.

Davido's net worth

Davido began 2017 with the capital around $16 million. In Yoruba “Omo Baba Olowo” means a son of a rich man, so the first thought, which arises, is if he was born in a wealthy family, it is true, David originated from an ordinary rich family. However, we can say with 100% sure that Davido gained his money and became popular thanks to his talent, hard work, intuition, and patience. He made his way to the popularity by his own. Another interesting fact, he has recently graduated from Babcock University and will focus more on his career.

His main source of profit are songs, but as many other stars, he also has other means of money making. Davido’s concerts bring him a large check, he  has signed juicy agreements with various record groups. He has more than twenty awards and more than forty nominations. He also is an official representative of many top brand products. He has signed N30,000,000 contract with MTN. Davido receives from the company money for events/concerts, endorsements, and country tours. He also has a contract with Guinness Nigeria.

His talent and hard work have brought him millions of dollars, so why not to spoil himself by luxurious and very expensive things? Sometimes appears the feeling that Davido gets a charge out of showing how rich he is and what expensive “toys” he buys. People learn about high-priced acquisitions of their beloved star from the Internet, in such a manner we have learnt of Davido’s private plane after he had brought to public the pictures of the expensive new toy, it was his father’s prearound

Davido’s house and cars

The private plane is not the only of Davido’s property, he also is the owner of the extra luxurious cars and mansions in Nigeria and abroad.

Davido has a beautiful house in Atlanta and got the citizenship of the United States of America, this gives him an opportunity to spend his vacations there. Unfortunately, the star doesn’t reveal the cost of this mansion.
Davido’s house in Lekki

A few years ago, Davido started the building process of one of the high cost houses in Nigeria, located in Lekki, Lagos State and close to the DoJazzy’s mansion. Its price is more than N40,000,000.

Davido's net worth, house and cars

Davido’s unique taste and net worth allow him to afford exotic cars, his garage became a home for many horses, among his amazing high-cost cars are:

Honda Accord – worth N4,000,000, which equivalents around $9,000

Yellow Chevrolet Camaro GS – worth N11,000,000, which equivalents around $25,000

Toyota Land Cruiser - worth N17,500,000, which equivalents around $40,000Audi

R8 Coupe – worth N20,000,000, which equivalents around $45,000Range

Rover Sport – worth N35,000,000, which equivalents about $80,000Porsche

Carrera – worth N40,000,000, which equivalents more than $85,000

Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG - worth N50,000,000, which equivalents more than $100,000

Rolls Royce Phantom – worth N100,000,000, which equivalents more than $220,000