20 way to make your man's day(for the ladies)

Are you someone who loves getting that early morning text from your man? Does his “Good morning, Babe” always make your day a little brighter? If so, why not return the favor?
It can be a little difficult to think of the right things to say to your boyfriend without sounding too sappy or emotional. Men are an entirely different creature than us. Still, don’t let your guy fool you; he loves getting your cute little texts just as much as you like getting his.
The question is, what do you say to a man first thing in the morning?
A cute, sweet, and simple text to start the day is just fine. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it doesn’t have to be full of emotion, and it doesn’t have to be sexy and saucy. Something sweet to put a grin on his face is just fine for the average day. Here’s a list of great good morning messages for him that your boyfriend will just love!
1. Hi baby!
This one is always a classic. It’s short, it has a smiley face, and it lets him reply when he’s ready (in case he’s in a meeting).
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2. I love you!
These are the first words I think every lover should hear in the morning. Start his day off right by reminding him that he’s the one you love.
3. A kiss to start your day :*
A cute little kiss will certainly make him smile, and if he’s feeling a little naughty you might get a nice kiss in return!
4. I miss you already…
Did you spend an amazing night in each other’s arms? If so, then this little parting text will let him know that he made an impact on you last night. I’m sure he misses you already, too.
5. I’m thinking of you…
This is also short, sweet and to the point. Let him know that he’s always on your mind.
6. *HUGS* to start your morning!
If you and your boyfriend are still a new couple, then a kiss might not be the right thing yet. It’s okay to send him a cuddly hug text instead. This is always a good text for your guy if he’s going through a tough time at work or home, too.
7. Go get ‘em, love!
Does your man have a big day ahead of him? Has he been nervous about a promotion or a job interview? This text will give your guy all the encouragement he needs.
8. I can’t wait until you’re off work!
Whether or not the two of you have a big evening planned, this text is sure to make him want to come home a lot sooner!
9. You still give me butterflies…
This is an adorable way to let your boyfriend know that he still does it for you.
10. Is it time to come home yet??
Let your man know that you’re ready for him to be by your side. This text will make him laugh and smile and wish it really was time to come home.
11. I only have eyes for you.
This is a more romantic text to send to your man after a wonderfully romantic evening together.
12. A kiss for good luck!
Whatever kind of challenge your guy has ahead of him for the day, this text lets him know you’re thinking of him and wishing him the best!
13. I had the most wonderful dream about you!
You can keep it cute, or you can spice it up
…you decide.
14. The day is always so long until we’re together.
A text that will remind your boyfriend just how much you miss him while he’s not beside you. It’s a little more powerful than just saying “I miss you”.
15. You look great today, babe!
Even if you haven’t seen him, let him know he always looks good to you! This is an especially effective text if your guy really is all dressed up for the day ahead.
16. Miss me yet?
Feel like being a little flirty? Ask him if he misses you yet. That will bring a smile to his face!
17. I’ll be thinking of you all day.
There are many reasons to send this particular text. If you’re planning a big night, this is an anticipation text. If you spent a wonderful night together, this is an “I miss you” text. If your man is going through a hard time in his life right now, then this lets him know you’re right there with him.
18. You’re my favorite person.
Just a reminder for your guy that every other human on the planet is pretty annoying, but he’s not.
19. You are the best boyfriend in the world!
Be honest with him! Text your guy and tell him he’s the best thing since sliced bread! Guys love to have their ego stroked.
20. Hurry home and wrap me in your arms!
Finally, a text that will send him home with anticipation and joy. Start his morning right by reminding him what’s waiting for him after a long day at the office.
Texting your boyfriend doesn’t have to be full of long prose and emotional dialogue. You don’t have to write him a book of feelings. In fact, most guys prefer short, straight and to the point texts (after all, they’re busy during the day you know).
Little morning texts to send him off with a smile are a great way to keep the relationship sweet and cute, and to show your appreciation to the man who treats you right. So tell us, what kind of a morning text are you going to send to your boyfriend?